Do Safelists Really Work as Free Means of Advertising?


A lot of people are wondering if Safelists really do work? Am here to tell you that yes they do work. You have to use them wisely and be consistent. You might have heard some people mention that safelists are a great means of free advertising, that is not entirely true. To understand and efficiently utilize safelists, first you have to understand what they are.

Safelist Marketing


are a closed community email list of like minded people who are trying to advertise their offers to other members in the community. In order to participate, you have to agree to receive promotional emails from other members. When you read and click a link in the email you’re rewarded credits that will help you send out email to other members in order to promote your offer.

Safelists work in many different ways and have different membership plans ranging from free to paid. They provide free mailing in addition to credit based mailing. Most safelists also offer solo ads which are sent out to different sites or just to the entire list that your registered with. Solo ads are more effective because they reward more credits for clicking, and are sent to your contact email which receives less mail. This helps to avoid being caught up in the crowd.

Why do People give up on Safelists.

The mistake most people make is assuming that safelists are free. Yes, they do offer free membership and free credits when you sign up. But from my experience I have come to notice that in order to benefit from this kind of advertising, you have to send email to members daily.

Now, that’s thousand of members daily and you’re free credits run out quick. So you’re left with 3 options;

1. Spend hours reading emails and clicking to receive free credits.

2. You can upgrade and receive more free monthly credits for a small monthly fee.

3. You can purchase credits.

So overall, if you join safelists as a free means of advertising, you have to have plenty of time on your hands to click for credits and be able to send out emails. Or you can speed up the process by spending a little to gain more exposure.

Don’t get me wrong you can send out regular emails, but in truth no one reads those emails because everyone is trying to earn credits and send out their own emails. So no one will click on emails that have no credits. In order to cut down costs with credits, I make sure to sign up for lists that offer more free credits and reach a wider audience.

How to benefit from safelists.

The best way to benefit from safelists is to upgrade to a membership where you have access to more free credits and be able to send email to more members or purchase credits for a small fee. Here’s a step by step guide on how to effectively utilize safelists;

1. Create 2 new Gmail Accounts.

If you want to keep yourself organized when joining these lists you must learn on how to filter these lists, and I will touch on that in a little bit. This is what you must do when you signup for safelists, you agree to receive hundreds of emails a day from fellow marketers. These emails will overwhelm you. So sign up for 2 new Gmail accounts, in order to separate your personal emails from the safelist emails. Otherwise your personal emails will get lost in the sea of safelist mail.

When you’re signing up, you will be required to have a list email for receiving emails from members and a contact email to receive emails from administration and solo ads from fellow marketers. So create 2 new Gmail accounts.

2. Sign up for at least 30-50 safelists.

There are hundreds of safelists, in order to have an effective campaign you will need to sign up with as many safelists as you can handle. This will help you reach a wider audience and increase your click through rate and capture page signups.

I am personally signed up with at least 100+ safelists. So before you think of joining safelists make sure you’re committed to doing the work diligently. I have had people say that they never got any results from safelists, only to find out that they were registered with 2-5 safelists. If you’re not going to put in the time don’t expect to have success with this method. Make sure you commit by at least signing up with 50 safelists and upgrading to at least 30 of them.

Everyday get signed up with at least 5 lists, at the end of the week you will have completed signing up to 35 safelists. Marketing is getting your offer seen by as many people as possible. If 2-5 is what you want, stop here and move on because safelists are not for you, you will fail miserably.

3. Organize your email accounts.

After signing up for all those safelists, you need to immediately organize your lists to avoid being overwhelmed. The best way to do that is through filtering. You can create a folder for each Safelist. In addition, Gmail offers a filtering option where you can choose to keep email that has credits and automatically delete email that has no credits.

That’s why I said no one will read your free regular emails. This will help keep your inbox organized and help you access whatever list you want to deal with easily by simply clicking on that folder and read the emails one safelist at a time.

4. Send out email at least 5 days a week.

You have to consistently send out emails to other members at least 5 days every week. I personally take a break Wednesday and Sunday but make sure the rest of the week I send out emails everyday to 35-40 safelists. It only takes me two hours or less to get that done.

It might seem like a lot but after your organized you will get used to it, it will only take you 2 hours to go through those 40 safelist. To do this with success, make sure there are no distractions.

You goal is to login send your email and move on to the next. No distractions. Set a time for reading emails and click for credits, and a time for sending emails. I get 5-15 leads daily from doing that.

5. Purchase some solo ads.

While you’re getting yourself set up, it’s important to purchase some solo ads to start bringing in leads. I have noticed that every time I send out solo ads I get more clicks and more opt-ins. The reason this happens is that solo ads have more credits rewarded for clicking and people always open them first before they head to the list email.

Some safelists also send out solo ads to 8-40 safelists and you do not have to be registered with all those lists, which gains you more exposure. Make sure you’re capture page is enticing enough to get people to enter their email that’s key.

6. Upgrade and Purchase some credits.

If you can afford it, it’s great to purchase some credits or upgrade. This will help you send out more emails and reach more people. Now, be careful with your advertising budget because even though monthly membership are as low as $3.00, it can add up at the end of the month if you’re signed up with 30-50 safelists. It’s always great to start at the free memberships then upgrade when you start making sales.

If you do those 6 steps you will have success with safelists, and you won’t end up being overwhelmed. When you sign up with any safelist, analyze the situation and figure out what works best for you. But safelists do work, and they are a great source of lead generation. Remember nothing is 100% free if you are going to have any success.

Here’s a List of Solo Ad Vendors to Get You Started.

1. Solo Ad Maniac

2. Guaranteed Solos

3. Gigantic Solos

4. Udimi SoloAds

5. Mega-Solos

6. Superb Solo Networks

7. Total Ad Explosion

8. Super Solo Ads

9. Ultimate Solos

10. Solo Ads That Convert

These will keep you going while you get started and they really do work. As always one means of advertising is never enough. I have compiled a massive list in my time of using safelists and soloads for my marketing needs, and feel free to join them to start your own list.

Here’s a List of the current Top 100 Responsive Safelists

This list is always current and they are ranked by their performance.

There are a lot more but these are the ones that I use on a daily basis. Don’t forget to create a schedule for your mailings. Some lists allow you to mail everyday others once a week, every two days or every 4-5 days. So create a mailing list for each day and focus. If you consistently keep at it, you will have success with safelists.

Here is another ebook explaining how to effectively use Safelists for Lead Success download it now to learn more about and hidden strategies.

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