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All Niche Marketing

My name is Jimmie and I live in “The Show Me State” Columbia, Missouri.

I am 45 years old and married for 19 years and have 4 wonderful children, the apple of my eye. My main focus in life is to become more knowledgeable and useful to my fellow man. I love to spend time with my family and love to be around nature. I also love to work online as an internet marketer.

Marketing Experience

I have always been fascinated in Internet Marketing ever since 1998 while working for a MLM company. Back then I worked in this industry in a part-time bases, I just recently transitioned to full time, it has been one of my life time goals.  I’m a visionary and an entrepreneur at heart, always believed in this all my whole life.

My favorite quote is “Work Smarter and Not Harder” I want to be able to enjoy my riches while I’m young and not old. The most important person in my life is YOU, I’m here to help and guide those individuals that need it, and I’m not selfish about it. I figure that in order to get ahead in life is to pay it forward at every opportunity that presents it self and to let providence reward you at the right time.

Marketing Integrity

When it comes too choosing a product, opportunity or company I take it really serious, because I don’t like to mislead anyone.  If I promote or endorse a product it is because I have either purchased it and used it my self or was introduced to it by a friend.  I like to lead by example and be honest about everything that I do especially when it comes to marketing online, integrity is what I stand for.

My Mission

I have knowledge in Marketing Techniques, and Principles of Marketing. In order to guide others I continue to educate myself, by learning from coaches that are succeeding in my areas of interest like network marketing, internet marketing etc. so I could provide more value to you. All I care about is to help YOU in bringing success into your life so we could Live Free and Prosper together.

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